English 391W: Dreams

Course Goals

Course Goals
In this course, students will gain (or practice) the following (among other things!):

  • A thorough understanding of major dream theories, both classic and contemporary
  • An ability to put these theories into dialogue with each other and with artistic texts in various genres (literature, film, music, etc.)
  • An awareness of the extent to which dreams have supplied inspiration and material for literary writers and other artists—and an overview of major texts that represent this influence
  • An ability to do independent research and to write an original essay motivated by intellectual inquiry
  • An understanding of methods of inquiry common in the arts and the sciences—how these methods lead to different insights and ways of understanding and how these methods can be reinvented in the name of interdisciplinary inquiry that may lead to new insights and ways of understanding.
  • Practice developing a writerly voice, through blogging, oral presentations, and essay writing.
  • New understandings of their own experience with sleep and dreaming—and an ability to examine personal experience through the lens of theory and vice versa.
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