English 391W: Dreams


February 3
Films: Un Chien Andalou; Spellbound dream sequence
Music: Weill and Gershwin, selections from Lady in the Dark, Bob Dylan, “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream,” The Postal Service, “Sleeping In”
Blogs: 1: Describe a dream, from any time in your life, that felt resonant, and reflect a little on why it resonated with you. 2: Explore an idea that came up in our first class

February 10: Snow Day

February 17
Come to class with your questions about the syllabus.
Freud, pp. 78 – 97 &  211 –  254
Workshop: Freud’s “Dream Work” and Your Blog Entries
Blogs: 3: Dream, 4: Find a flaw in Freud’s argument and discuss whether or not it’s fatal (i.e., whether it undermines his argument entirely or not).

February 24
Jung, pp. 23 – 84
Kafka, “A Country Doctor”
Blogs: 5: Jung vs. Freud, 6: Dream

March 3
Hartmann, Chapters 1, 2, 5, 6 & 10
Kafka, “Children on a Country Road”
Blogs 7: Reading Kafka, 8: Dream

March 10
Hobson, Dreaming: An Introduction to the Science of Sleep, Introduction + Chapters 1-3 and 7-9
Kafka, “The Judgment”
Blogs: 9: Hartmann vs. Hobson, 10: Dream

March 17
Jane Eyre, pp. 1 – 253 (Chapters 1 – 27)
Casebook: Victorian Dream Theories
Blogs: 11: Victorian Dream Theories, 12: Dream

March 24
Jane Eyre, pp. 254 (Chapter 28) to end
Richardson, “The Dream of Reading”
Workshop: evaluating critical arguments and Gordon Harvey’s “Elements of the Academic Essay”
Blogs: 13: Read Jane Eyre through the lens of a dream theory (Victorian or contemporary), 14: A Dream

March 31
Spring Recess

April 7
Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Blechner, “Oneiric Darwinism” and “The Analysis and Creation of Dream Meaning”
Workshop: Using a critical essay as a lens
Blogs: 15: Read Jekyll and Hyde through the lens of Blechner’s theories. 16: Dream

April 14
A Midsummer Night’s Dream + pp. 3 – 21 of the introduction to the Oxford World Classics edition
Blogs: 17: Renaissance Dreams, 18: A Dream

April 21
Dalí, Dream of Venus & other selected works
States, “Bizarreness in Dreams and Other Fictions”
Workshop: Finding and evaluating sources
Blogs 19: Dalí, 20: A Dream

April 28
Waking Life
Stephen La Berge, from The World of Lucid Dreaming
Oral presentations: Research Project Proposals
Blogs: 21: Lucid Dreaming, 22: A Dream
Annotated bibliographies due (by email, to me and your writing group)

May 5
The Unconsoled
Oral presentations: Research Project Proposals
Blogs: 23: Reading The Unconsoled, 24: A Dream

May 12
The Unconsoled
Workshop: Thesis and motive
Blogs: 25: Finishing The Unconsoled, 26: A Dream
Essay Sketch due (email, to me and your writing group)

Date TBA
Draft workshop + end-of-semester celebration
Blogs 27: Plans for revising your research project, 28: Reflection on the course

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