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Oral Presenations (April 28 & May 5)

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In your five-minute oral presentation, you will present—and defend—your research paper topic. Your job is to convince the rest of us that the topic chosen is both fruitful and manageable, fielding questions and objections, and receiving helpful feedback. (See assigned dates below.)

You will want to:

•    describe your interest in the topic
•    consider the challenges of making an argument about your topic
•    present your working hypothesis
•    explain how course readings address your topic
•    introduce other source materials you’ve found and explain how and what they will contribute; explain how your various sources will work in dialogue with each other
•    describe your research methodology (how you are finding your materials)
•    speculate about what kinds of source material you still need to find
•    say a little about your style of writing and how it will serve you on this project
•    ask for questions, comments, and suggestions

An oral presentation is always more successful when you are well-prepared but not over-prepared. You want to be organized and rehearsed, but you also want to be yourself. Make your audience members feel that you are speaking to them—about something that matters to both of you. It’s important to speak clearly (not too quickly) and make eye contact, and that you genuinely communicate with your audience. Your oral presentation should lay the groundwork for a productive conversation. We will be on a tight schedule, so be sure to limit your presentation to five minutes. When you’re finished, the rest of us will ask you questions about your project and make suggestions.

April 28: Kathleen, Melissa, Sara, Elyse, Fotini, Hasina, Chris, Brett

May 5: Shane, Serene, Alison, Eileen, Jocelyn, Mike, Joanne, Danabelle

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