English 391W: Dreams


March 31, 2010 · No Comments

I had an interesting “dream” experience last night–different from any I remember having in the past.

First, I had a dream, about vampires. Some actor whose name I don’t know was “playing” the head vampire, and he was evil, though mild-mannered. My friend Cheri was playing a regular vampire, not evil. She was preparing for battle with him. To prepare, she confessed to a bunch of us that she was a vampire. We were shocked, of course, but we agreed to join in the battle. This involved sneaking into the attic full of antiques where the vampire lived, and working with the police to spike some food with a drug, hoping we could trick him into eating it. We did this inside a labyrinth of huge hedges, like the one in The Shining.

I don’t remember much else, but I remember subsequent “dreams” that were basically attempts to remember this dream. In these dreams, I was rehearsing details from the vampire dream and telling myself to remember them. In one of these, somebody told me the name of the actor was George Gerskind. As far as I can tell, there is no actor with this name, but I remember the person telling me this like it was a revelation. And I believed it, in the dream.

These “after-dreams” are new to me, and they do seem meta-cognitive. But the metacognition in them wasn’t accurate!

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