English 391W: Dreams

Dyad: “Two individuals regarded as a pair”

February 3, 2010 · No Comments

We’ll begin each class meeting with a dyad, a ritual designed to focus our minds and start us thinking together. (Hopefully it won’t be too corny! Bear with me.)

For each class meeting, the two students doing presentations will decide on a topic. Each of us will pair up with another person in the room. Each person in the pair must talk about the day’s topic for a full minute, not stopping until the minute’s up. When the first speaker is done, the second will speak.

The topic for our first class–borrowed from a class of Professor Roger Sedarat’s–will be “A Memorable Stranger.”

For future weeks, the day’s two presenters must consult in advance and decide on a topic. They can announce the topic at the beginning of class. I’ll time the conversations.

Note: The last presentations take place on April 14. As that date approaches, we’ll decide who will come up with topics for future weeks.

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