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Oral Presntations (#1): The Schedule

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For your first oral presentations, you will introduce a dream-related text to the rest of the class. The aim is to introduce other students to material that might inform their research projects–and to add a dimension to class discussion, by making connections between your assigned text and the reading we all do together.

The texts are listed below, by title. You can find the full texts under “Course Readings” above. Read through the titles. Then, take a closer look at the texts of titles  interest you. Once you’ve done this, send me an email (by February 5 at midnight), ranking your top four choices. I’ll use these rankings to assign the texts and dates for the oral presentations, which I’ll send you before class on February 10.

February 17
Aristotle, “On Dreams” (Kathleen)
Daniel M. Wegner, Richard M. Wenzlaff, and Megan Kozak, “Dream Rebound: The Return of Suppressed Thoughts in Dreams” (Hasina)

February 24
Jane White Lewis, “Reflecting on a Dream in Jungian Analytic Practice” (Jessica)
Robert L. Van de Castle, “Dreams that Have Changed the World” (Melissa)

March 3
Bert O. States, “Dreams: The Royal Road to Metaphor” (Danabelle)
Winsor McKay, Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend (Alison)

March 10
Barbara Tedlock, “The New Anthropology of Dreaming” (Fotini)
Wendy Doniger, “Western Dreams and Eastern Dreams” (Jocelyn)

March 17
G. William Domhoff and Adam Schneider, “Studying Dream Content Using the Archive and Search Engine on DreamBank.net” (Eileen)
Tracy Kahan, “Consciousness in Dreaming: A Metacognitive Approach” (Elyse)

March 24
Elaine Scarry, Dreaming by the Book, Chapters 1 – 5 (Shane)
Patricia Kilroe, “The Dream as Text, the Dream as Narrative” (Michael)

April 7
Kelly Bulkeley, Dreaming in the World’s Religions, Introduction – Chapter 5 (JoAnne)
Kelly Bulkeley, Dreaming in the World’s Religions, Chapter 6 – Conclusion (Sara)

April 14
“Nebachudnezzar’s Dream” (Daniel 4) and “Joseph’s Dream” (Genesis 37 – 41) from the Old Testament of the Bible (Brett)
Steven Kruger, Dreaming in the Middle Ages, Introduction – Chapter 2 (Serinh)

April 21

Serinity Young, “Buddhist Dream Experience: The Role of Interpretation, Ritual, Dreaming” (Chris)

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